Designing a human nature that values work.

Designing a human nature that values work.

“When we give shape to our social institutions… we also shape human nature. Thus, human nature is to a significant degree the product of human design. If we design workplaces that permit people to do work they value, we will be designing a human nature that values work.”

Barry Schwartz

I have always thought and indeed heard from various sages of self help, that to spend too long bending oneself around a set of values that oppose our own can only end in a lack of fulfilment. Of course the nature of our modern existence is that many people end up working in businesses that are far from aligned to their personalities; in order to earn the crust required. I believe this is the reason that so many people nowadays invest in self help. Many explore the realms of yoga and mediation. Most are careful to find some outdoor, wind-down or introspective time in their schedules.

The practicalities of life and financial responsibilities mean that most of us do not have the luxury of being too picky about the industries we venture into and this is of course a necessary consideration. We most of us work to live and as such want to make that side of our lives as productive and lucrative as possible to allow more choices in the way we enjoy our time.

The key impact from an individual’s perspective is to be aware that a lot of high pressure, high income roles carry with them a best before date. People can literally burn out. From an organisational angle; allow people greater understanding and involvement from an early stage, encourage them to think independently no matter the level. Create closer alignment to natural instinctive ways of working such as brainstorming, space to socialise and imbedded, shared values.

We see the big corporates trying to accommodate for human nature but it is so easily overlooked in the smaller upcoming businesses as they struggle towards and focus on the bottom line.

Food for thought and I would love to know yours…