About Us

A Note from the Director


UK-wide but London-based, Best Foot Forward Training Ltd was founded in 2010, and built on the basis that investment in personal development, fosters a commitment to the company and its objectives. Motivating and developing yourself or your staff leads to an increased drive, engagement and the dedication to achieve results. So giving you and your business the edge in a tough macro-environment.


We deliver excellence, not just competence.

Dani Littlejohn, NLP Practitioner and founder of Best Foot Forward Training Ltd, has over 15 years’ experience in people facing training and personal development, as well as a background in HR. Dani has always been interested in helping people to develop, and adapt their interaction with internal and external clientele to maximise on rapport and results. By fine tuning communication and behavioural skills we see huge improvements in our personal and commercial impact, not to mention confidence, enjoyment and investment for the individual. After nearly four years at Reed Learning as a permanent professional development trainer, Dani branched out to found Best Foot Forward Training Ltd allowing herself and other trainers to work more closely with clients and individuals.

Our Focus or Why Us?

At Best Foot Forward Training, we focus on smaller groups for optimum learning. Training courses are tailored to work for individual companies, but encompass a proven blend of learning styles and techniques. Dynamic, engaging training courses are always fun and fast moving at the same time as being practical and relevant, focusing on making ‘the penny drop’ for everyone.

Our Approach

Best Foot Forward Training Ltd has a resolute policy and is committed to delivering best results. In order to do this, it employs the services of a limited number of very talented trainers allowing each to focus on their own forte. BFFT’s commitment is to always ensure that it offers the best individual for the training course requirements, whether management, secretarial, PA or personal courses.

Our Offering

Below you will notice a carousel of some of the learning specialisms we offer. This is not definitive however and we pride ourselves on our adaptability so let us know your challenges and we can work together to prescribe the ideal solution.