Enhancing Communication Style

Communication is the glue between and the key to all the other elements of our life. The way that we ask a question determines the answer we receive. Our ability to listen determines our ability to ask the right question. The two together determine our success in relationship building, business and life success.

Getting the Most out of Meetings

Does your organisation waste a lot of time in meetings? This 1-day course has been designed especially to focus on making your meetings more effective, efficient and beneficial to all rather than another timewaster. We will explore the structure, expectation and general ethos of the meeting and its attendees. We will identify and clarify the necessary preparation to get the most from meetings and ensure they do not waste time going around in circles. With the help of this programme you can revolutionise the way your organisation holds meetings and the impact achieved from them.

Design and Facilitate your own Training Courses

Whether you are looking to incorporate your own training into your business or want tips on how best to develop your team this course will equip you with the skills, confidence and a number of ideas on how best to structure and run training to achieve the best results. This is a highly practical and interactive course in which you will understand the different ways people learn and how best to accommodate all their styles, including those most removed from your own. The trainer will lead you through the various ways learning can be facilitated. You will learn how to write, design and best deliver information in a way that not only makes sense to all but also sticks and can be used in a practical way. You will have an opportunity to practise the specific type of learning that you wish to deliver and we will ensure you leave with a clear idea of how to put together your own training course.

Presentation Skills

This presentation skills course is all about delivering better presentations. Whether it is overcoming our fears, formulating a rational persuasive argument or making it captivating to the audience this is the course for you. Over the two days we will explore the fundamentals of writing and designing an effective presentation, assessing the correct length and pitching to our audience in the best way possible. There will be an opportunity to practise and develop your personal style with a lot of individual tuition and focus on your personal requirements.

Communication Skills

This training course looks at the benefits of communication excellence and what presently pollutes our communication with others. We will focus on understanding the impressions we create and how to adapt these to our best professional advantage. This communication skills course focuses on working effectively with others, creating clear understandings and building relationships. We will explore the various elements that make up our overall communication with others and look at promoting clarity and professionalism with the most difficult individuals.

Working more effectively within a team

This training course is ideal for individuals or for a whole team to explore the qualities and skills covered by each individual within the team. The course explores the talents and weaknesses we and others face in the ways we operate within a work scenario. Comprehending clearly how people naturally deal with stress and challenges allows us to understand and overcome our differences with colleagues and managers. We will explore your natural working and communications styles and preferences within the team and those of others using the Belbin team role and self perception questionnaires which will give you additional reference material to take back and utilise within a work situation.

The art of persuasion & negotiation

This course looks closely at the methods we use to negotiate and action our requirements. We explore how to promote relationships in business and build trust rather than just achieving one off successes. We will look at your overall communication style, adapting for your audience, being aware of how you are coming across, gauging the relevant hooks for the relevant individuals. This course includes some exploration into personality styles in order to help you adapt your communication to its best advantage and assess the preferences of others. We will explore how to impact peoples ways of thinking, selling ideas to others such that they take them on as their own.

Unlock your potential with NLP

An introduction to understanding and using Neuro Linguistic Programming from a trained practitioner. This course will start by clarifying exactly what NLP is and where it came from. Ultimately what this course offers you is a way of better understanding what lies behind communication; in the way people talk to us, we to them and possibly even more importantly the effect of our internal dialogues on our own ability and confidence. This course will explore overcoming internal barriers, fighting fears and promoting our communication skills both professionally and personally.

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