Management & Leadership

Whether someone is coming to management for the first time, stepping up to a team they used to be on, moving into a new organisation or just needs a refresher a short management training course can leave individuals far more comfortable with managing their team and themselves and can let you know more specifically if there is a problem, what support they need to put it right. By building knowledge in fundamental areas of such as; motivation, delegating correctly and delivering feedback in the right way people can rapidly excel as managers making them feel proud and capable and allowing them to support staff to reach their full capacity.

Interviewing Skills

This course is designed to help you find the right person for the role. Recruitment can take up so much time and money but if the person does not work out as you had hoped it can all be for nothing and a serious drain on you and the rest of the team. As managers we need to understand the process in order to get the most out of it. An interview is a very limited opportunity to ascertain the appropriateness of an individual for the role and team plus with so many legal checks and balances these days it is important to be able to verify our decision making process.

Design and Facilitate your own Training Courses

Whether you are looking to incorporate your own training into your business or want tips on how best to develop your team, this course will equip you. In just 3 days you will develop the skills, confidence and pick up a number of tips on how best to structure and run training to achieve the best results. This is a highly practical and interactive course in which you will understand the different ways people learn and how best to accommodate their styles, including those most removed from your own. The trainer will lead you through the various ways learning can be facilitated. You will learn how to write, design and best deliver information in a way that not only makes sense to all but also sticks and can be used in a practical way. You will have an opportunity to practise designing and delivering the specific type of learning that you wish to deliver and we will ensure you leave with a clear idea of how to run your own training on the day.

Delivering Feedback Effectively

We often avoid delivering feedback, at least initially; especially when we perceive that it is negative and so may not be willingly received. This course looks at dealing with problem areas assertively and in a timely manner to avoid getting stuck with awkward disciplinary scenarios and equally motivating and boosting your team members with appropriate feedback when they have done something correctly. With the right kind of clear and regular communication we can grow a team to a productive working hub making them a pleasure to manage.

Delegation Skills

This course looks at how best to manage your time, focus enough on high level tasks and develop your team members through delegation. We will cover motivational techniques and the importance of delegation within the team focusing on communication styles and staff progression. This course will give you the time to focus on specific individuals; think about their development, motivations and learning requirements.

Coaching and Facilitating Skills

This course will give you a clear outline and practical tips on how to coach and mentor team members. Part of the role of the manager is to develop team members but it can be so difficult knowing how to do this most effectively and finding the time to do so. We will look at the difference between coaching and mentoring and equip you with a number of tools to utilise in pursuit of developmental objectives.

Getting the Most out of Meetings

So much time is wasted organisationally on meetings. This course is focused on making your meetings more effective, efficient and beneficial to all rather than another timewaster. We will explore the structure and expectation of the meeting and its attendees, the necessary preparation to get the most from the meeting and ensuring they do not waste time going around in circles. With the help of this short course you can revolutionise the way your organisation holds meetings and the impact achieved from them.

Management and Leadership

This course is an all in to management skills and provides key tools and learning for anyone managing a team or leading other staff. These two days will give you a mountain of knowledge and confidence on how best to motivate and manage your team; to offer feedback, both motivational and developmental and to delegate tasks in the most effective way. You will leave the course with a thick reference manual and a strong retinue of information and skills in addition to those you entered the room with. This course will not only allow you to do your job to the best of your ability but to develop and grow your staff creating a lasting impression on them of how they would like to develop and manage in turn.

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