Personal impact and effectiveness

It is perfectly natural and while we do not always create the situations we can always source the tools to move forward. Sometimes we are just too busy racing to keep up with the world to allow ourselves to spot the answers. These courses are about giving yourself time to stop and focus on you. It is amazing the revelations, realisations and motivations these training courses can unlock. Whether you want to build on a particular skill, are dealing with a difficult time in your life, or are a little bit lost and looking for what is right for you you will walk away from these courses with incredibly worthwhile life skills.

Dealing with Difficult People

On this 1-day course you will learn some tools to help you deal with challenging situations with a new found confidence. The tips and techniques will enable you to be much more proactive and not reactive when challenged by people and circumstances. The aim is to help you understand other people’s behaviour and how to respond appropriately. You will gain practical guidance to apply to your own situations. Plus we will provide you with a reference manual to assist you with the key skills and techniques learned during the course in your day-to-day activities.

Creative Thinking

Think outside of the box. This course looks at promoting new, fresh ways of looking at things and solving problems. During this course we will explore practical problem solving techniques and alternative ways of dealing with problems. This creative thinking training course is ideal for managers, project managers and those in creative roles. We will look at overcoming barriers and coming up with new creative solutions to old problems. This course will give you a fresh perspective and the confidence to try new techniques to revitalise team responses.

Developing Personal Confidence and Professional Image

This course focuses on your behaviour and understanding the impression this creates in the minds of others. We will look at how to be assertive in all situations, with all people and different styles of assertiveness. The course will work on developing confidence both for inner satisfaction and in order to come across as capable and professional so assuring others of your abilities. No matter what your role within your organisation this course looks at promoting yourself and your worth within the company in order to win more responsibility and opportunities to progress. This course provides the opportunity for discussion and analysis of specific situations ensuring you leave with a clear map of ways forward and developmental specifics.

Assertiveness and Confidence Building

This assertiveness training course is all about ensuring we achieve the best from our behaviour and communication with others. In just one day we explore the key behaviours and how to indentify when we are allowing ourselves to slip into behaviour patter ns that are less professionally powerful. This course is of benefit to all levels in helping you deal with the most difficult situations assertively and confidently, despite the behaviour of the other person. We will look at different ways in which to be assertive and get your point across without allowing yourself to slip into aggressive or unprofessional habits. During the course you will have the opportunity to practise skills and techniques and the trainer will furnish you with solutions and advise for specific situations.

Time Management

With such limited time and greater expectations on us within work, effective time management skills are more key than ever. In this course we will focus on where we can salvage wasted time within our days and how we can ensure we focus our time on the most productive and key tasks. This time management course is about taking control of the working hours we have in order to be more effective and efficient. We cover how to manage expectations in advance to avoid disappointment and knowing when to share the load and how to do it most effectively. Take a day out to focus on how you are spending your time in the office in order to rescue those lost hours within the week and improve other peoples’ perceptions of you.

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