PA, Secretarial and Administrator Training

Too often support staff are left feeling unappreciated, investing a little time in their development can pay hefty dividends. These courses look at developing all the relevant skills and offering lots of new tips and techniques. They are always fun and fast paced with people leaving the training course feeling inspired, motivated and refreshed which means they return to their desks feeling pumped up and productive.

Corporate Reception Skills

Being on the front line of interactions with clients and customers carries a lot of responsibility, so much of that first impression is created by you and as we know first impressions last! This course will cover the image created by you and your reception area and aligning it with that of the organisation. Communicating confidently and professionally and keeping the reception area neat and organised even in peak times. We will explore delivering excellent customer service while building internal relationships and promoting the organisational impression.

Professional Customer Service

When dealing with clients and customers, so much is about the perception they have of the organisation which is gleaned partially from their interactions with you. This course is about ensuring we create the best impression possible even when dealing with the more demanding clients. During the course we will cover communicating effectively at all levels, managing the difficult situations professionally and assertively by email on the telephone and face to face and developing relationships even when we have to deliver unwelcome news.

Time Management Training for PAs

This course is aimed at PAs and administrators who do not have the ability to delegate their workload. Time is so limited and expectations on us within the workplace seem to be growing, effective time management skills are more key than ever. In this course we will focus on where we can salvage wasted time within our day and how we can ensure we focus our time on the most productive and key tasks. This course is about taking control of the little time we have in order to be more effective with it and knowing how to manage expectations in advance to avoid disappointment. It is amazing how much more productive you can make yourself by taking a day to explore the processes and systems you are currently using.

Persuading Upwards

This course focuses on working effectively with your manager sharing ideas and communicating professionally. We will look at how to deliver messages and make organisational suggestions in a logical, confident and cohesive manner. This course will build your skills in assertiveness, communication and confidence and help you to work more effectively for your manager and within the office environment.

Office Managerial Role

The role of an office manager can be even wider reaching than that of a PA. In this course we explore the communication and assertiveness aspects and look at how to manage relationships at all levels. We look at running projects, managing our relationships with others (whether you are directly managing anyone or just working alongside them) and looking at the way you manage yourself and your workload. This will cover some project management, staff management, your time management and organisational systems for managing the wide range of responsibilities and prioritisation techniques.

Success Skills for PAs

This course will equip you with the skills to work effectively within the team; ensuring you are party to communications and able to operate as a key cog within the machinery. A frustration of being a team secretary can be time and knowing how best to manage your workload amongst the team. This course will help you maintain excellent relations with your team providing support and managing their expectations correctly.

Management for PAs

If you manage or are due to take on the responsibility of managing or team-leading other colleagues it is really beneficial to have an understanding of the basic managerial skills and this one day course will give you a whistle stop tour of everything you need. Delegation and feedback, dealt with in the right and can be motivational and positive on both sides. All too often people avoid delegating or giving motivational feedback compounding problems and ultimately leading to relationship breakdowns when they do finally get dealt with. This course will include helping you to communicate confidently and professionally with managers and directors to propose solutions and initiate and facilitate new processes within the organisation.

Report Writing

This 1-day course will ensure you have clearly defined goals for your report writing. We will look at building your confidence in your ability to write reports, which will in turn promote your motivation and drive to get started and complete them when you are asked. The course will help you clarify the purpose and structure to use for your reports ensuring they are practical and can be produced in a timely fashion.

Minute Taking

This course is suitable for anyone needing to produce formal or informal notes for meetings and action points. The point of this course is to provide systems and tips to help you glean the relevant information from the meeting and produce professional yet clear notes and actions that are useful and relevant for the business and create an official record of what has taken place. So often people are nervous about minute taking as they have not received any training; one day can give you all the tools you need to grow yourself into a competent confident note taker at any meeting.

Executive Assistant Training Course

This course is a detailed study of how to work most effectively with your manager and their team, exploring how to be more proactive dealing with problems before they develop and covering bases without having to be asked. Within this course we will cover professional behaviour in every scenario, communicating impeccably with all levels, handling projects effectively, persuading upwards and managing your time effectively. This is a one stop shop to ensuring you have all the skills you need to deliver top level assistance to your manager / director.

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