Assertiveness and Confidence Building

This assertiveness training course is all about ensuring we achieve the best from our behaviour and communication with others. In just one day we explore the key behaviours and how to indentify when we are allowing ourselves to slip into behaviour patter ns that are less professionally powerful. This course is of benefit to all levels in helping you deal with the most difficult situations assertively and confidently, despite the behaviour of the other person. We will look at different ways in which to be assertive and get your point across without allowing yourself to slip into aggressive or unprofessional habits. During the course you will have the opportunity to practise skills and techniques and the trainer will furnish you with solutions and advise for specific situations.

What will I learn?

Understanding the basic behaviour patterns
What assertiveness looks like
Identify how our behaviour comes across
What stops us being assertive
Saying No
Different types of assertiveness

Am I Suitable?

Those having difficulty dealing with certain people or situations in the best way, especially when others are expressing anger or stress at you.

What are the course objectives?

Clarify basics of behaviour noting effects
Identify where we appear on the spectrum and the impacts of that
Understand what effects our behaviour and how to control it
Analyse what stops us being as confident as we would like in certain situations
Learn to come across as confident
Clearly and assertively saying No when necessary
Listening effectively for better communication
Different levels of assertiveness for dealing with the most persuasive of people


1 day



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