Communication Skills

This training course looks at the benefits of communication excellence and what presently pollutes our communication with others. We will focus on understanding the impressions we create and how to adapt these to our best professional advantage. This communication skills course focuses on working effectively with others, creating clear understandings and building relationships. We will explore the various elements that make up our overall communication with others and look at promoting clarity and professionalism with the most difficult individuals.

What will I learn?

Define communication, the barriers and the pitfalls
Understand our own communication styles and those of others
Making sense of why we find some people difficult
Understanding hidden messages and building rapport
Overthrowing instinctive behaviours to get the best from your communication

Am I Suitable?

Anyone looking to improve the communication they have with colleagues and people outside of work

What are the course objectives?

Expanding the way we understand communication
Look at and redress the mistakes we make
Hints and Tips
Dealing with difficult people and situations
Learning to Listen


1 day



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* Expenses will be charged as extra outside London