Creative Thinking

Think outside of the box. This course looks at promoting new, fresh ways of looking at things and solving problems. During this course we will explore practical problem solving techniques and alternative ways of dealing with problems. This creative thinking training course is ideal for managers, project managers and those in creative roles. We will look at overcoming barriers and coming up with new creative solutions to old problems. This course will give you a fresh perspective and the confidence to try new techniques to revitalise team responses.

What will I learn?

Understanding creativity: innovations
Benefits of different approaches to thinking
Creative thinking tools
Explore conventional problem solving methods
How to use creativity as a problem solving tool

Am I Suitable?

Project Managers, Managers those looking to find new ideas and approaches to complex problems

What are the course objectives?

Develop our skills and overcome barriers to creative thinking
Grow analytical and problem solving skills
Produce new results with creative thinking
Learn and use key tools used for problem solving
Understand De Bono’s 6 Hats and how to use effectively
Lateral thinking and promotion of idea generation


1 day


£295 individually / £975+VAT incompany

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