Delivering Feedback Effectively

We often avoid delivering feedback, at least initially; especially when we perceive that it is negative and so may not be willingly received. This course looks at dealing with problem areas assertively and in a timely manner to avoid getting stuck with awkward disciplinary scenarios and equally motivating and boosting your team members with appropriate feedback when they have done something correctly. With the right kind of clear and regular communication we can grow a team to a productive working hub making them a pleasure to manage.

What will I learn?

Purpose of managerial role
Objectives and types of feedback
Clear structure and process for feeding back
Developing your team
Looking at specifics of your team

Am I Suitable?

Managers looking to manage individual issues and develop team as a whole

What are the course objectives?

Become more confident in management style
Understand the basics of feedback
Establish a clear process to follow
Analyse individual requirements of team members and how best to develop
Have a developmental plan for each team member by end of the course


1 day



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