Getting the Most out of Meetings

Does your organisation waste a lot of time in meetings? This 1-day course has been designed especially to focus on making your meetings more effective, efficient and beneficial to all rather than another timewaster. We will explore the structure, expectation and general ethos of the meeting and its attendees. We will identify and clarify the necessary preparation to get the most from meetings and ensure they do not waste time going around in circles. With the help of this programme you can revolutionise the way your organisation holds meetings and the impact achieved from them.

What will I learn?

Structure organised meetings
Avoid wasting time
Encourage participation of all participants
Promote clear communication and professional meetings
Deal with awkward situations
Overcoming difficulties caused by technology

Am I Suitable?

People who wish to have more effective, time efficient meetings

What are the course objectives?

Clarify and achieve meeting objectives avoid time being wasted
Have a structured approach to planning and holding meetings
Involve all participants
Develop communication skills
Deal with difficult members
Technology in meetings


1 day


£295 individually / £975+VAT incompany

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* Expenses will be charged as extra outside London