Interviewing Skills

This course is designed to help you find the right person for the role. Recruitment can take up so much time and money but if the person does not work out as you had hoped it can all be for nothing and a serious drain on you and the rest of the team. As managers we need to understand the process in order to get the most out of it. An interview is a very limited opportunity to ascertain the appropriateness of an individual for the role and team plus with so many legal checks and balances these days it is important to be able to verify our decision making process.

What will I learn?

Selection Methods
Avoiding common Pitfalls
Planning structure, process and questions
Attracting the right candidates
Communication and understanding others
After the interview, making the right decision
Making your learning practical

Am I Suitable?

Managers and other staff responsible for interviewing staff for recruitment

What are the course objectives?

Understand the pitfalls of interviewing and how to avoid them
Writing a clear job description, person specification etc
Attracting the right candidates
Key ways to communicate in an interview context
Designing an effective interview and questions to find the right candidate
Making a balanced and ultimately correct decision
Take away checklists and plans for practical application


1 day


£295 individually / £975+VAT incompany

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