Office Managerial Role

The role of an office manager can be even wider reaching than that of a PA. In this course we explore the communication and assertiveness aspects and look at how to manage relationships at all levels. We look at running projects, managing our relationships with others (whether you are directly managing anyone or just working alongside them) and looking at the way you manage yourself and your workload. This will cover some project management, staff management, your time management and organisational systems for managing the wide range of responsibilities and prioritisation techniques.

What will I learn?

Defining the role and responsibilities of an office manager Getting the most from your role
Time and workload management
Managing small projects
Assertive communication
Handling problems effectively
Interactive exercises and practise examples for honing skills

Am I Suitable?

Anyone in an office managerial position or about to move into one

What are the course objectives?

Understand the role and responsibilities of an office manager
Motivate your team or office workers to achieve objectives
Giving constructive feedback to individuals
Prioritising workload and reducing stress
Delegate effectively
Using project management tools
Work effectively with others
Dealing with and managing change
Controlling meetings assertively and constructively
Problem and conflict solving


2 days


£585 individually / £1,735+VAT incompany

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