Persuading Upwards

This course focuses on working effectively with your manager sharing ideas and communicating professionally. We will look at how to deliver messages and make organisational suggestions in a logical, confident and cohesive manner. This course will build your skills in assertiveness, communication and confidence and help you to work more effectively for your manager and within the office environment.

What will I learn?

Managing expectations
Understanding different styles of management
Working with different personalities
Effective Communication
Maintaining professional behaviour whatever the situation

Am I Suitable?

PAs and support staff struggling with strong personalities or new to the role

What are the course objectives?

Identify mutual expectations between you and your manager
Identify your manager’s working and communication style
Working well with different personalities
Communicate assertively
Identify your rights and responsibilities
Learn some key rules for managing your manager


1 day


£295 individually / £975+VAT incompany

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* Expenses will be charged as extra outside London