We offer a broad range of tools and models to help ascertain natural styles of communicating, thinking and feeling. These help people overcome individual struggles and teams to develop and progress working relationships.

Many of the tools are used in conjunction with training courses depending on the challenges and requirements. Please enquire should you wish to use or consider any particular personality or working style principles within your learning.

Tools regularly used include:


Honey and Mumford


Transactional Analysis


Lumina Spark




What will I learn?

How better to understand yourself and your behaviours

More cohesive teamwork

Why you find some people difficult to communicate with

Why challenges come about with some people and certain tasks

How to build and develop strategies to work better

Am I Suitable?

These tools are intended for use across teams or groups of people, to gain a better knowledge of yourself and those you work with.

What are the course objectives?

Understanding yourself and your behaviours

Work more cohesively as a team

Identify why you find some people difficult to communicate with

Recognise why challenges come about between people and with certain tasks

Identify development areas and develop strategies to work on them


2 hour to 1 day sessions


According to your requirements

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