Success Skills for PAs

This course will equip you with the skills to work effectively within the team; ensuring you are party to communications and able to operate as a key cog within the machinery. A frustration of being a team secretary can be time and knowing how best to manage your workload amongst the team. This course will help you maintain excellent relations with your team providing support and managing their expectations correctly.

What will I learn?

Clarifying the role of a PA or team secretary
Assertive Communication
Managing Expectations
Negotiation skills and handling conflict
Encouraging clarity of communication from others
Time Management & relevant systems and procedures

Am I Suitable?

PAs, Secretaries and support staff working within a team

What are the course objectives?

Defining the role of a PA / secretary / team administrator
State attributes of a good team player
Identify a strategy for agreeing boundaries to the role
Demonstrate methods for assessing priorities
Negotiate when conflicts arise
Implement systems and procedures for managing the workload


1 day


£295 individually / £975+VAT incompany

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