Unlock your potential with NLP

An introduction to understanding and using Neuro Linguistic Programming from a trained practitioner. This course will start by clarifying exactly what NLP is and where it came from. Ultimately what this course offers you is a way of better understanding what lies behind communication; in the way people talk to us, we to them and possibly even more importantly the effect of our internal dialogues on our own ability and confidence. This course will explore overcoming internal barriers, fighting fears and promoting our communication skills both professionally and personally.

What will I learn?

What is Neuro Linguistic Programming
Building Rapport and Body Language
Outcomes & Timelines
Belief Cycle
Behaviour Styles

Am I Suitable?

Anyone looking to improve their confidence, control and communication

What are the course objectives?

Employ the key NLP Skills
Establish instant rapport with people
Overcome barriers and achieve desired outcomes
Building Confidence in ourselves and our abilities
Improving ability to deal with difficult people or situations


1 day



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