Working more effectively within a team

This training course is ideal for individuals or for a whole team to explore the qualities and skills covered by each individual within the team. The course explores the talents and weaknesses we and others face in the ways we operate within a work scenario. Comprehending clearly how people naturally deal with stress and challenges allows us to understand and overcome our differences with colleagues and managers. We will explore your natural working and communications styles and preferences within the team and those of others using the Belbin team role and self perception questionnaires which will give you additional reference material to take back and utilise within a work situation.

What will I learn?

Benefits and challenges of working within a team
Ensuring clear communication between individuals
Developing team communication
Belbin’s team roles to indentify strengths and development areas
Understanding the working styles of team members

Am I Suitable?

Teams to explore and improve the way they work together and individuals to understand where they excel within a team

What are the course objectives?

Developing the way we communicate
Developing team cohesion and understanding
Hints and Tips
Dealing with different working styles
Learning to understand and work best with different individuals


1 day


£975+VAT - There is an additional cost of £50 per person for Belbin Test

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* Expenses will be charged as extra outside London