Why do we so often avoid authentic communication?

Why do we so often avoid authentic communication?

As a confirmation to a closed or specific question it may be the quickest way to complete an exchange, plus at work it is comfortable to have a written back up. However, remember that so often avoiding the face to face, creates separation, lack of clarity and can lead to a real break down in communication moving forward.

When it is a potentially difficult conversation or a question of delivering unwelcome news I am so often told in training courses that the preference is to create as much distance as possible from the potential conflict or individual. Even if we are working within a Customer Services environment. This is instinctive rather than productive. Creating or extending such an impersonal connection makes the absorption of a message more uncomfortable for the recipient and so more likely to cause offence.

While we continue with these bad habits we look on in horror at the cyber trolling and bullying that becomes more and more rife especially for the younger generation. Surely we should be leading by example?

How can we expect our children to confront situations and people when they have easier options? That they watch us take. Even if these do create more disparity, separation and loneliness?

I was reading about Kate Winslet’s speech at Wembley arena recently and it left me with the feeling that it is tough enough to get children to step away from all their devices for a moment but when their role models continue to avoid meaningful conversations, especially in the wake of some kind of awkwardness, how can we expect them to do any differently?

If we want to make a difference the first step is to make a change.